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Australian best-of-breed cloud ERP software localized to China with live subscriptions covering 78 countries.

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DEAR Inventory is specially designed for product-based small businesses. It is a powerful and flexible tool of supply chain management, offering the best control over the flow of raw materials and products.

INNO is proud to be the leading official DEAR partner in China!

We have been successfully helping companies from different countries and industries implement DEAR Inventory since early 2019. Enjoy improved efficiency and accuracy with experienced professionals at INNO.

DEAR Inventory is considered as a mini ERP. It is very light and easy-of-use. It works best with small to medium businesses which use the technology to break the limitation of growth, so to remain steps ahead of their competitors.

Talk to INNO advisors and know how your company can benefit from DEAR inventory, the cloud ERP solution in China today.

Powerful Growth Features


Find your top suppliers based on value using advanced DEAR analytics

Dear Systems Inventory-Manufacturing-Get a holistic, 360-degree view of your production costs and inventory status.


Get a holistic, 360-degree view of your production costs and inventory status

DEAR Systems Inventory - Inventory Control - Simplify your inventory management with real-time updates

Inventory Control

Simplify your inventory management with real-time updates

B2B Portal

Allow your customers to manage their orders from your web portal


Expand your sales locations using fast deploying DEAR POS on multiple devices

Dear Systems Inventory-Accounting-Streamline your business by eliminating manual data entry with accounting


Streamline your business by eliminating manual data entry with accounting

Sales Channels

Track the orders across all of your sales channels, no need to cross check every single item

DEAR Systems Inventory - Warehouse Management - Streamline your warehouse productivity and fulfillment process

Warehouse Management

Streamline warehouse management and enjoy increased productivity

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Explore all features in bilingual software environment. It is probably the easiest but the most powerful Inventory management software, and you’ll see why so many small businesses around the world love DEAR!

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INNO is the only recognized DEAR partner in China

As a software implementation and consulting team, we have confidence in DEAR. After rigorous comparisons, we stick with DEAR Inventory for the ease of use, flexibility, affordability, and round-the-clock support.

We have equipped over 30 clients in China with DEAR and are running the rate of 100% satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to adapting to the clients and constantly improving their experience.

INNO has developed a meticulous methodology that allows our team to deliver results on time and under budget. You are on the right path! Stick with us and we will show you how running a business can be easier and more efficient.

We Work Towards Success of Our Clients

– a wide range of product-based businesses including Food Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Import & Export, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail, Ecommerce, Fashion, Brewing, Health & Supplements and many more.

“Working with Jano Tse felt like having a business consultant along with a software implementor.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DEAR Systems?

DEAR Systems offers the best easy-to-use cloud ERP software to small businesses worldwide. It was formed in 2012 by 3 partners in Sydney and by 2014 first 1,000 users were acquired. In 2019, they had live subscriptions in 75 plus countries. And in 2020, DEAR expanded their service offering to the China mainland and have featured languages, accounting module and other key modules to suit client’s desires in the specific China business environment.

Who is DEAR focused on delivering services to?

Businesses that sell via eCommerce/wholesale/retail or all 3 combined are the biggest beneficiaries.

Clients we work well with:

  1. selling on a consignment basis or drop-shipping.
  2. having light manufacturing requirements (assembling, etc.).
  3. requiring to track batches, serial numbers and expiry dates.
  4. having multiple sales channels, warehouses and currencies.
How can DEAR help me and my business?

There are 3 distinct areas where DEAR helps solve problems. Inventory Management, Order and Fulfillment management and Business process management.

How Much Does DEAR Inventory System Cost?

DEAR Inventory features at an SME price. Receive top-level ERP features at an SRP price. Compete in the big leagues on an accessible price level, and achieve wide success without taking up your budget. DEAR has created an integrated cloud ERP system, giving you deep and effective solutions whether you sell one product a week or one million. Our features have expanded on the traditional template of inventory management.

With DEAR Inventory, you get more – and you get it at a better price.

Refer DEAR Pricing for detailed price packages.

I’m Still Not Sure If DEAR Inventory Is Right For Me, Where Can I Get Help?

If you are still not sure whether Dear Systems is right for you, reach out to an advisor for a free consultation about your business needs.