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INNO is a business advisory and software implementation company. We provide implementation services to small and medium-sized businesses operating in the manufacturing, wholesale, retailing, and e-commerce sectors.

Our software implementation and business process experts work hand in hand with clients empowering them with the tools and expertise they need to streamline operations, strengthen management controlling, and maximize productivity.

I am Jano –

Dear Clients,

I have fully dedicated myself to the topic of ERP systems for more than 12 years having worked with companies from Germany, UK, France, Italy, U.S. and many more.

Besides my experience with companies in manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, and e-commerce, I am well versed in the Chinese accounting processes.

Throughout years, I have tried many different systems myself, experienced common pitfalls, and discovered solutions to avoid them.  With years’ experience, I  have developed methodology that allows optimizing business operational processes and managing implementation projects on time and under budget.

I established INNO in 2019 to empower more SMEs in China and help them avoid common mistakes and harvest the benefits of using innovative software service. Our focus has always been efficiency, accuracy, and cost-saving for day-to-day operations. Only then you are free to deliver your best performance and product to the customers and stand a better chance of scaling up!

Let us grow with you.

Your Sincerely,

Jano Tse
Founder and Managing Director

Our Services

We provide cloud solutions backed by years of experience. Suitable for companies looking to:

  • Set up the China branch on the same framework as your business back home
  • find the team of experts who will integrate Chinese business essentials into your system
  • Choose a cost-effective way to implement the ERP system

Our Expertise

  • Over a decade of working with systems implementation in the Chinese business setting
  • Strict methodology and structured implementation ensures smooth transition
  • Customizing further development of functions to suit your business needs

INNO is the first official DEAR partner in China.

INNO is one of the earliest implementation partners who serves foreign businesses in China.

INNO and Our Clients

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