Xibao Mobile Expense Management Software


(Mobile Expense Management)

Use Xibao for all your receipt, fapiao, and expense management needs. With Xibao, it is faster than ever to review expense, reimburse employees, and close your books each month.

Why Xibao Expense Management Software?

Streamline Multi-Layer Approval Workflows

– Gain control over your expenses with streamlined spending policies and advanced approval systems. Reports can easily be approved by multiple managers as assigned, saving time for both employees and approver.

Simplify Expense Claim Processes

– Use mobile devices to record your expenses anywhere anytime. Smart categorization of expenses, instant report printing, and easy tracking expense approval status; Xibao makes expense claim as simple as a touch of a button.

Track Billable Items by Class and Project Accounting

– No more confusion about allowed expenses and spending limits. Xibao tracks your business expense at the project, employee, department, and different cost center levels. Configure these proactively for ultimate control over your spending.

Powerful Growth Features

Expense Claim

Expense claiming on-the-go. Receipts, Fapiao scanning and precise approval process control.


Xibao partners with Ctrip.com, Didi and JD.com to offers electronic receipts directly sent through those platforms, saving time and ensuring information accuracy.


Seamlessly integrate with thousands of retailer’s electronic Fapiao platforms to extract Fapiao information, support Fapiao authentication and eliminating duplicated expense claims.

Expense Management

Manage your expenses with limits and spending control policies, including spend authorizations and budget checking.

INNO dedicate to provide

cloud integration and implementation services to SMEs operating in China.

INNO implementation service around Xibao in China

Phase 1

Standard product features demonstration

Phase 2

Requirement study of expence management requirements

Phase 3

Solution and business blueprinting for accounting processes

Phase 4

Master data preparation

Phase 5

System setup and configuration

Phase 6

End users training

Phase 7

Historical data migration (if applicable)

Phase 8

System go-live

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Languages Are Supported?

Xibao is available in both English and simplified Chinese.

How Much Is Xibao?

Xibao costs 360rmb/person/year. Optional features such as corporate financial systems, OA systems, HR systems, online banking connection are priced seperately. Please visit our webpage or contact us for a detailed consultation.

Do I Still Need To Collect Physical Invoices When Using Xibao?

The original physical fapiao still needs to be collected and stored offline in accordance with China’s “Accounting Filing Management Measures” for a period of 15 years.Xibao facilitates the approval process and automates cost controls for businesses digitally.

What Invoices Can I Scanned And Identify Using Xibao?

Xibao can scan and authenticate electronic fapiaos and physical VAT fapiaos (normal VAT fapiao and special VAT fapiao). Xibao will verify the company information, fapiao authenticity, checks whether the invoice has already been claimed before, and whether the supplier or the goods are blacklisted in any way. Railway tickets, taxi fapiaos, metro tickets and quota invoices can be scanned using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature and be entered into the system.

Does Xibao Support International Invoices?

Yes, users can upload international documents and exchange between currencies.

Where Does Xibao Store My Data?

Users can choose Xibao cloud data storage or local deployment.

How Does Xibao Secure My Data?

Xibao stores your data on Alibaba’s Aliyun cloud service which provides data encrypted storage, network transmission encryption, real-time data backups, hierarchical operations and maintenance management. Users can also choose for a local deployment to store their data on a server of their choice.