A notification to all our clients and DEAR Systems watchers –

Cin7Core is the new name for DEAR Systems, maintaining the same functionality you know and love – only the people behind your interface has grown more powerfully than ever.

Introduction of INNO

We are a supplier specializing in the efficient delivery of ERP systems for small or medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the local Kingdee software, we have introduced a very easy-to-use cloud ERP system from America – Cin7 Core. The most substantial features of this system are:

  • Easy to use
  • Low cost of learning
  • Short on-line cycle
  • Full-featured
  • Chinese and English bilingual function
  • Cloud deployment

This has brought prerequisites for the firm’s finances to use this system proficiently as well. We are the leading implementation partner of Cin7 Core, based in Shanghai, China. For details, refer to INNO China – Cin7 Expert Directory.

“70% of Cin7 Core implementations have the business run in less than three weeks compared to an average of 7 months for ERP implementations.”

Jano Tse – the founder of INNO 

Jano Tse has 14 years of experience in implementing ERP systems for foreign and local companies. He also specializes in the accounting processes in China’s business environment. Jano’s passion for disciplined delivery and methods for meeting goals on time and under budget is exactly what INNO brings to each of the clients. 

Right Software | Right Service | Right People INNO

3 essential elements driving the success of ERP projects:

  • Picking out the best performing and most suitable cloud ERP application(s)
  • Employing a professional consultant who is experienced in ERP implementation projects in your business sector
  • Adapt the mindset of your people to embrace the value of the system and dedicate their efforts