We power small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in China with new software and expertise from the very start

From choosing the most suitable ERP software, analyzing requirements, designing business operational processes, implementing solutions, all the way to going live and on-going monitoring & support.

We also partner with cloud accountants and virtual software-powered CFOs to help structure accounting and control business with clarity and ease.

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Requirements Analysis & Software Selection
ERP System Implementation & User Training
Application Integration & Tailored Program Development

INNO also offers re-implementation services of Kingdee and Cin7 Core. According to statistics, 14/18 ERP vendors are thought over promising and under delivering. We understand your frustration and are ready to roll on. We are commited to finding the gaps in running your system across departments, and helping you make the move to a successful launch.

Helpdesk & Round-the-clock Service

Description Of Helpdesk Services:

Helpdesk and Ongoing Monitoring Service
Description: Call center service to guide customers resolve the defects, via emails, WeChat conversations and telephone call
Availability: 5 * 8
Remote Assistance Troubleshooting
Helpdesk and Ongoing Monitoring Service
Description: Through access to the cloud system, Inno provides remote troubleshooting upon request from the client (needs authorization by client)
Availability: 5 * 8
Proactive Monitoring
Helpdesk and Ongoing Monitoring Service
Description: Through access to cloud system, proactive monitoring of data accuracy and correctness of system operation (needs authorization by client)
Availability: 5 * 8
Accounting setup and upgrade

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We follow a rigorous methodology to ensure works are performed in a coherent way:

Project LaunchPhase 1

– General Scope definition
– Project Organization
– Project Plan and Scheduling

BlueprintingPhase 2

– Standard product training
– Requirement study/analysis and functional scope definition
– Business process blueprinting
– Prototyping
– Transaction forms layout definition
– Management report definition

Blueprinting RealizationPhase 3

– Transaction form layout development
– Management report development
– Functional/end user training
– User Manual documentation
– System administrator training
– Master data coding, preparation and migration

Go Live PreparationPhase 4

– System parameter setting
– User access authority definition and setting
– Opening balance
– Final checking and testing for go-live

Go Live And Project AcceptancePhase 5

– Go Live and live-run supporting
– Project review and acceptance
– Handover to maintenance