Kingdee K/3 Cloud


Kingdee K/3 cloud is an ERP package, widely used in China for manufacturing and group-level enterprises. Kingdee Cloud ERP System delivers application solutions ranging from financial accounting, SCM management, production, and standard costing management, as well as group finance and report consolidations. The system consists of modular subsystems that can be purchased and implemented separately while they are fully integrated.

Product Family of Kingdee Cloud ERP System

Product Family of Kingdee Cloud ERP System - finance


Product Family of Kingdee Cloud ERP System - supply chain

Supply Chain

MRP and Workshop Management

Product Family of Kingdee Cloud ERP System - production costing

Production Costing

Group Finance and Multi-Organization

Product Features of Kingdee Cloud Galaxy

We introduce you with the brand new and upgraded Kingdee ERP package




Flexible Deployment

Big Brand Product



Flexible Customization

Flexible Module Configuration

INNO dedicate to provide

cloud integration and implementation services to SMEs operating in China.

INNO implementation service around Kingdee K/3 Cloud ERP system in China

Phase 1

Project Launch

- General Scope definition
- Project Organization
- Project Plan and Scheduling

Phase 2


- Standard product training
- Requirement study/analysis and functional scope definition
- Business process blueprinting
- Prototyping
- Transaction forms layout definition
- Management report definition

Phase 3

Blueprinting Realization

- Transaction form layout development
- Management report development
- Functional/end user training
- User Manual documentation
- System administrator training
- Master data coding, preparation and migration

Phase 4

Go Live Preparation

- System parameter setting
- User access authority definition and setting
- Opening balance
- Final checking and testing for go-live

Phase 5

Go Live And Project Acceptance

- Go Live and live-run supporting
- Project review and acceptance
- Handover to maintenance

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What is SaaS solution?

Software as a Service (SaaS) offers a light-weighted and lean solution for many small businesses and comes at a fraction of the cost of incumbent ERP systems for both the licenses and the implementation.

In China, SaaS business applications supporting different business functions are emerging. For small businesses, they are more affordable, accessible and user-friendly.