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LoveYawn uses DEAR Inventory to Help Women Switch Off By Switching On

DEAR Inventory Love Yawn

LoveYawn found a fascinating market in high-quality nightwear for women. By being patient, whimsical, and dedicated to the craft, LoveYawn developed a wonderful and laugh-filled brand to improve evening relaxation. Business Type: Ecommerce Industry: Luxury Nightware Website: * From inception to full-on inventory management software integration, LoveYawn has taken everything in stride. * LoveYawn […]

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DEAR Inventory Management Helped a Small Wine Provider in Australia Navigate the Many Extensive Challenges of Success

Small Wine Provider DEAR ERP Inventory China

De Beaurepaire is soaked in authentic French heritage, settling in Burgundy thousands of years ago and moving to small batch production in the early 2000’s. But scaling and wine production expansions have forced De Beaurepaire to tackle their biggest challenge yet- staggering success. Automation a number of key processes, reducing manual error and time taken […]

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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Inventory Management System

DEAR Inventory China

Having a reliable inventory management system can work wonders for any business, big or small. It’s infinitely easier to be able to have all of your inventory information in one convenient place rather than dealing with multiple spreadsheets or software to find what you’re looking for. With an inventory management system, you can simply enter […]

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What might be the right ERP for your small manufacturing business?

What might be the ERP for your small manufacturing business

Considering adopting software for your manufacturing business? Great decision! Your manufacturing software will make a world of difference in the day-to-day operations of your company. But before you can get into deciding what manufacturing ERP might be right for you, it’s important to know what to expect. While every manufacturing software is a little bit […]

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Cinestore Listed Every Challenge in a Checklist and Found Inventory Management Which Knocked Out Every Box

bilingual cloud ERP system in China

Cinestore had the product in place and the passion, but they lacked many of the backend features needed to thrive and respond. After implementing DEAR, the team managed to get out a platform stressfully tied to the accounting, reduce their lead times, and all-around tackle every little challenge holding them back along the way. DEAR […]

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Brite Source Needed the Fundamentals of DEAR Inventory Management to Scale Their Small Operation

lighting erp system

Brite Source, located out of Singapore, is co-run by Kevin Lee. Lee provides essential component parts of wholesale LED lighting and has stood as a vital supply chain partner in the city since 2012. But his operation required some streamlining, improving his Xero set-up and giving him the opportunity to scale in the near future. […]

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Drum BSS Brings Inventory Management to a Small Team, Building Confidence and Achieving Results

Inventory Management erp software for small teams

Drum BSS had a fantastic product, but the company and its leader, Dave Smith, had substantial issues. The company was unable to really scale their efforts, and a lack of confidence from staff eroded morale. After integrating DEAR inventory management, Smith and his team were able to come to terms with- and resolve- some rather […]

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The Choice of Inventory Valuation Methods: WAC vs. FIFO vs. LIFO

Inventory software

Having accurate inventory valuation is vital to the successful operation of your company. Your inventory valuation can impact the cost of your goods, your profit margins, your working capital, total assets, and more. Essentially, your inventory valuation is the amount of money associated with your goods at the end of a certain period. One way […]

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