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How to run a warehouse more efficiently? – To small businesses in China


“Inventory management is all about having the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT TIME and PLACE, in the RIGHT AMOUNT, at the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE”. The logic of selling a product hides messiness, complexities and tight deadlines of a crucial process: fulfilment, even to small businesses. When you add a warehouse full of inventory to the […]

How Cloud ERP Solutions Revolutionize Your Manufacturing

How Cloud ERP Solutions Will Revolutionize Your Manufacturing

Why You Need an ERP for Manufacturing If you’re in manufacturing, you need a manufacturing platform — seems obvious, right? Manufacturing is huge category that covers how finished goods are created and produced, and particularly the machinery needed to accomplish that. Production takes a magnifying glass to that concept, turning raw materials into finished goods […]

3 Hard Truths About Using ERP Systems in China

3 Hard Truths About Using ERP Systems in China

This article was originally posted at Axel Standard, a platform for cloud accountants and SaaS applications. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and getting your staff to use it is a common challenge for many small businesses, which becomes even more critical when applying it to a country with a very different business culture and […]

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