What to Avoid When Implementing an ERP System in China?

ERP systems in China

Have you thought about implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for your China office? Finding the right ERP system in China and getting your staff to use it is a common challenge for many businesses, especially the small or medium-sized ones (SMEs). The right choice of software and its implementation becomes crucial when working […]

Plant-based Green Monday Grows With DEAR Inventory in China

To find out how can small businesses here benefit from the right ERP system. DEAR Inventory helps GM focus on what is truly important and forget the manual tracking of excel sheets, shipping status, or stock monitoring. The automation delivered by DEAR Inventory allows talented Green Monday teams to conduct more in-depth analysis and inspire the world with their ideas and products because no one is stuck manually putting numbers in spreadsheets.

Calibre Control International Ltd Used DEAR Systems to Focus on the Nuts and Bolts of Their Nuanced Operation

Calibre Control International Ltd Used DEAR Systems Inventory to Focus on the Nuts and Bolts of Their Nuanced Operation

The UK food testing technology company had the need to transfer from SAGE to a lighter ERP solution – DEAR inventory software. They are very pleased that they have achieved 5 main tenets using DEAR: accuracy, speed, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory approval.
Some key results:
* 5 hours saved a week
* gained a more flexible platform
* more intelligent data reporting

Sexy Socks Responds Wonderfully with New DEAR Inventory Management Software

DEAR Inventory software

Sexy Socks seeks to give all children in South Africa a warm pair of economical, stretchy and awesome socks to wear. The small crew deployed DEAR inventory software to get their inventory in order…
Some key results:
*Knowing the exact quantities at any given time
*5-10 hours of time saved a week
*Easier day-to-day product management

5 Growth Benefits You Gain From Cloud Inventory Software

Cloud Inventory Software in China

As a business owner, one of your main goals is always expansion. Bringing your products and services to as many people as possible is crucial for the success of your business in our rapidly moving world. Expanding globally can seem like a whole new challenge, but it can be made easier with a good sales and inventory management system. Here are a few of the ways that implementing an inventory management software can help you break the barrier to global expansion.

How to run a warehouse more efficiently? – To small businesses in China


“Inventory management is all about having the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT TIME and PLACE, in the RIGHT AMOUNT, at the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE”. The logic of selling a product hides messiness, complexities and tight deadlines of a crucial process: fulfilment, even to small businesses. When you add a warehouse full of inventory to the […]

How Cloud ERP Solutions Revolutionize Your Manufacturing

How Cloud ERP Solutions Will Revolutionize Your Manufacturing

Why You Need an ERP for Manufacturing If you’re in manufacturing, you need a manufacturing platform — seems obvious, right? Manufacturing is huge category that covers how finished goods are created and produced, and particularly the machinery needed to accomplish that. Production takes a magnifying glass to that concept, turning raw materials into finished goods […]