As a leading electro-mechanical hardware provider, Electromek Pty Ltd thrived in an extremely nuanced and technical-oriented industry in a very perplexing marketplace. As a new business, the small company has excelled. With the recent addition of DEAR Inventory Management, this new Australian firm was able to scale, pull data, manage stock, and make big leaps forward in just about every conceivable way.

Electromek Pty Ltd

“DEAR is perfect for managing our stock levels, we stock a lot but not everything, DEAR is flexible in letting us manage exactly what we need!”

Electromek Pty Ltd

* We love to hear that not only is Electromek able to utilize so many features and modules, but they can do so while tracking their ever-important profit margins.
* Electromek knew they had a lot of small aspects of their inventory management to get a hold of. Fortunately, DEAR was up for the task.

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This article was originally posted at Dear Systems.